Protech training is, The American Taekwondo Associations advanced martial arts training, including weapons training and highly specialized self-defense tactics and principles. The Protech system is based on centuries-old martial arts techniques, adjusted for effectiveness through the knowledge provided by modern day science and advanced teaching principles. This type of training will provide a more extensive martial arts knowledge, increase one’s self-defense skills, build upper body strength, and improve eye-hand coordination.

Joint Manipulation & Throwing Techniques-This course combines joint manipulation, Hapkido & Aikido techniques.  It is perfect for the student who would like to learn techniques like Steven Segal uses.  We also feel this program will be of interest to all students trying to broaden their personal training and knowledge.

Ground Fighting- A good martial artist can fight standing up or from the ground.  Many self-defense situations end up on the ground where the kicking and punching of Taekwondo are not always effective.  Learn the techniques that can help you win the battle on the ground.

Modern Tai Chi is a simplified version of traditional style of Tai Chi, rather than the traditional long form with over 100 movements often years to learn, students now can enjoy complete forms in shorter amounts of time and making it accessible and interesting for everyone.

Street Self Defense teaches you the most effective blocking and striking techniques for self-defense on the street. Based on Muay Thai Boxing techniques, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to defend themselves on the street.

P.P.C.T (Pressure Point Control Tactics) is the original course offered by Protech training Systems used primarily for work in conjunction with local law enforcement.  It includes the secrets of “one touch knockout points” and “principles of control.” This program has been legally, medically and tactically researched to put it on the forefront of control tactics.  It is currently used by many law enforcement agencies. Course was developed and instructors are certified through Bruce Siddle.

S.H.A.R.P (Sexual Harassment Assault & Rape Prevention) includes three sections of training .This is a great self-defense for women in the workplace. Instructors are certified through course creator Bruce Siddle.

Board Breaking is a good way to practice coordination, concentration, power, focus and speed. It is very important to understand that proper technique is needed because without it, you can injure yourself. Board breaking helps you to realize that your body itself is a very strong weapon. It also helps you understand that during practice with a partner, you have to be careful. In order to break a board, you need to focus on angle of strike, size of the attacking tool (hand, foot, elbow, etc.) and the rules of physics.

Single Stick, Double Stick & Disarming highlights the most popular techniques of the Filipino arnis and escima ( stick fighting) systems, as well as incorporates aspects of Japanese, Chinese and Korean martial arts.  The stick course gives students the basics for training in just about any weapons system.  It also helps develop hand-eye coordination and is great physical exercise.